Hogstone: Growth & Expansion

Hogstone is entering into it's 5th year. Over the course of the last four years we have grown into something that we never could have imagined in the beginning. Especially when we were frantically running through the backyard yelling peoples names to get their food to them. To everyone who put up with that- Thank you. To everyone who put up with, had a good time anyway and kept coming back- Thank you, you are family.

We have learned much about service, hospitality and our mission these last four years. We have met so many wonderful guests, built lasting relationships and fed many people using produce grown exclusively in our region, most of it coming for our farm, Maple Rock Farm. We will continue all of this with vigor and deep conviction.

In our 5th year we will take take our next major step. From the beginning we have evolved at a steady pace and we have no intention of slowing down. This constant evolution and forward motion certainly is not out of design. It is our nature. It can always be better.

In 2017 we will more clearly define the lines. We will open a second restaurant in our already existing space at 460 Main Street. One will exist in our backyard and will focus on the vegetable dishes and pizzas that are our origin. Shared plates, fire pits, and the general backyard chaos will continue and be allowed to flourish at its highest potential as we make adjustments and add amenities to our backyard space for our guests who wish to dine with us in this unique setting that we are lucky enough to be able to provide. We aim to find ways to extend our backyard season by adding shelter and warmth. 

Our dining room will be focused on our tasting menu. There will be a few options involved ranging from 4-12 course menus at different price points. This will allow us to explore this side of the restaurant with fewer restraints and give us the ability to serve our guests an even better and more finely tuned island experience. While everything that happens still at 460 Main Street will be under the umbrella of Hogstone this venture will have a name unto itself. Stay tuned.

This all means lots of things. It means a new name, a new identity and some new focus. It means building, digging, and earth moving. It means research trips to the Old World and elsewhere to explore the terroir of some of the wine producers that we call allies and to explore the dining rooms and kitchens of our peers. It means a new website, new equipment and new curtains. It means air-conditioning and a greenhouse for our guests to dine in amongst vegetables, herbs and flowers when the rain comes.

 It also means that we need some help from you, our wonderful guests, friends and family. In the coming months expect to see a crowdfunding campaign with many exciting incentives ranging from pizza parties to exclusive shirts to meat raised by us and butchered to your specifications as we try to raise a large sum of money to help push further and onto the next level. Our goal is $50,000.

 For now, if you are so inclined, please give on this page using the button below in any amount. In addition we will offer the following exclusive incentives for certain amounts only available by donating via this page. Please indicate when investing which incentive you are giving towards. 

$50- A Pizza of your choice, 2 Rainiers and a mixtape of the top songs that made up our dining room playlist for the first 4 years. (Pizza and beers redeemable only at Hogstone)

$100- A tote bag with our as of yet unveiled new logo designed by Andrew Plotsky of farmrun.com.

$250-A tote bag with some of the staples from the Hogstone pantry.

$500-Gift Certificate for tasting menu for 2 with an included wine pairing. To be redeemed by yourself or given as a gift to some friends.

$1000-A private dinner for 2 at a secret locale on Orcas Island. On island transportation included to and from dinner.

$2500- We will go to your home and cook dinner for you and up to 10 of your favorite friends. In the area of Bellingham, San Juan Islands and Seattle. Travel beyond those areas, you will provide the travel expenses. 

$5000-Pizza for life. One "pizza for life" allowed per person per visit. Indeed, this will include a very cool and official certificate.

Thank you so much for investing in us and for the last 4 wonderful years and we hope you'll join us as we change things up in our 5th.

Happy New Year.

-Jay, John, Jocelyn and the entire Hogstone team.


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